PercyAlways turned 3 today!

I just wanted to share it with you guys! 

The blog was very important to me. In those 3 years I have learned many things. This all meant a lot  to me and all I want to do now is thank the almost 6k people that followed me.

Unfortunately, I grew up and I can not come here often. Percy jackson and you guys will always be memorable for me <3


Hoje é o aniversário de 3 anos do PercyAlways!!!!!

Só queria compartilhar isso com vocês.

O blog foi muito importante para mim. Nesses três anos eu aprendi incontáveis coisas, muito devido a vocês. Isso tudo significa muito pra mim e eu tenho muito o que agradecer a cada um das quase 6mil pessoas que me acompanharam.

Infelizmente, eu cresci e não posso frequentar tanto quando eu fazia há um tempo. Percy Jackson e vocês serão ALWAYS inesquecíveis para mim. <3


Hazel + biiiiig sword >-<



[art] Apollo drifted down from the porch. “Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the new Oracle of Delphi.”

"You’re kidding," Annabeth said.



So I was reading the Sea of Monsters graphic novel and came across this:


Like Percy actually had a picture of Annabeth on his locker and everything and Matt Sloan made fun of him saying that a hot girl will never date someone like Percy

And then

4 years later

No big deal


Hey Sloan have you met my hot girlfriend Annabeth

You tore up her picture once so she’s here to kick your ass.



Logan Lerman attends the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Grants Banquet in Beverly Hills, California August 14, 2014.


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I'm always late XD
But it was a traumatic week.

One of my favorite couples on PJO ship week